Our mission is to provide the world community with science-intensive, innovative solutions and technologies for dynamic content creation, enrichment and publishing.

About the Company


NadLab was founded in 2006 as a software research and development company. We perceive R&D services as the first milestone to achieve the making of world-class products.

We constantly look at new technologies from leading vendors and alliances with industry leaders, which contribute, significantly to our product development. Our clients are mostly large and mid-sized companies in the United States.


  • Alexander Nadolinski
  • Victoria Kosova

Advisory Board

  • Joe Pettirossi
  • Kevin Jorgensen

Products & Services


:: NADLAB DPS (Dynamic Publishing Solution)

DPS  automates all processes involved in an end-to-end dynamic content solution, including, the automation of:

  • Content creation and enrichment
  • Content reuse
  • Layout
  • Workflow
  • Formatting and multi-channel publishing
  • Custom and personalized content


Dynamic content, is content that is automatically assembled to meet users’ specific needs, providing them with exactly what they are looking for, when they are looking for it, and in the format they are looking for it in. Dynamic content does not exist in or as a document; it is information that is assembled only when it is requested. It exists as a series of information business objects that are assembled in response to the user’s requests or other requirements.

DPS allows secure content  sharing and distribution on mobile devices using native applications. For web publishing DPS uses HTML 5 rendering  engine and DRM with strong encryption. Presenting secured HTML 5 documents doesn’t require usage of any third party plugins or applications like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

:: NADLAB AR ( Augmented Reality )

AR module allows linking multimedia content to photos, infographics, maps and other graphic elements in a printed material.

:: NADLAB Text Index  

TextIndex is designed for high quality automatic content indexing in many languages by finding important domain terms and glossaries. TextIndex utilizes advanced morphological parsing with the help of many Natural Language Processing suites. The system is designed to handle synonyms, parts of speech and even semantic meanings. Each phrase or word is recognized as lemma, resulting in correct recognition of its plural, singular or other forms. We have also developed a unique process of creating high quality dictionaries and taxonomies. Our automatic tools are constantly used to improve dictionaries and taxonomies such as in Linked Open Data that is used in Wiki, Freebase, Agrovoc etc., with the help of more than 1 billion records in our DB and information crawled from variety of online sources. This is very useful not only for indexing, but also for advanced search functionality.

:: NADLAB Text Enrichment

  • Statistical contexts analyses: statistical latent semantic analyses (LSA)
  • Information extraction: Pattern matching (PM)
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Named entites NE recognition (NE)
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Semantic WEB technology (SWEB)


Software Development

We have experience creating and managing a variety of software solutions for our customers.  We are capable of implementing many technologies across multiple platforms to produce optimal performance. We work with our customers to understand their business needs. Our experience and flexibility ensures that your custom solution is delivered on time and within budget. We can implement your project in phases to better allow your organization to absorb the changes to your workflow. Our partnership doesn’t end when your product is delivered. We provide full product support, including staff training, to ensure successful deployment. We provide remote system administration, remote technical support, and remote server configuration and monitoring. We also provide dedicated testing and quality assurance services.

Product Management

We provide full product management services from product planning to market validation to requirements to delivery.  Desktop or mobile, consumer or enterprise, we can help you get the right product developed, quickly and cost effectively.

We employ the agile method to get products to market quickly while continually market validating the feature set and functionality. When appropriate, we use offshore development resources to deliver the software, resulting in tremendous value to you or your client. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can get your product to market quickly and effectively.

New Product Launch

If you wait until your product is developed to start on your launch plan, it is too late.  If you have a plan, do you have the right mix of promotion?   Is your launch calendar developed?  Are your lighthouse customers on board?  Is your distribution channel properly trained and motivated?  A poor product launch will destroy your ROI.  Make sure it is done right.  Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you launch your product.



Our products are the backbone of some of the most robust and cutting-edge dynamic publishing platforms in the world. Companies like John Hancock Investments, VOYA, Pearson, Quad Graphics, Courier  and others use our technologies and products.

:: Marketing and Sales

NADLAB provides powerful and adaptable marketing materials automation solutions for financial institutions.

:: Education and Training

NADLAB provides powerful authoring and text enrichment systems for creation textbooks and learning materials